Why "Approved by Professionals"?

Medical References & Clinical Studies:

Professeur Ladislas Robert, M.D., Ph.D.
Director of Research of CNRS
Laboratory of Biology of the Conjunctive Tissue
Faculty of Medicine
Paris XII University, Creteil, France.
Initial seminal
research & discovery.

Lois Y. Matsuoka and Jouni Uitto
Departments of Dermatology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Jefferson Medical College
Jefferson Institute of Molecular Medicine
Thomas Jefferson University
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Direct correlation.  Elastin Study.

Professor Charles Lapiere, M.D.
Laboratory of Experimental Dermatology
Liege University
B-4000 Sart-Tilman by Liege, Belgium
Publication No 24: “Ageing of Fibroblasts, Collagen and the Dermis”.
The chronological ageing is responsible for atrophy and wrinkles, the most dramatic modification of the ageing dermis.”

Professor S. Dikstein
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
School of Pharmacy
Cell Pharmacology Unit
Jerusalem, Israel
8 volunteers. All positive results.

Professor Howard I. Maibach, M.D.
University of California
Medical Center
San Francisco, CA 94143
50 subjects. 4 weeks.
All positive results. Highly significant improvements.

Dr. Alezard, M.D.
Marseille, France
Clinical tests on 50 patients.
All positive results.

Dr. J. H. Saurat
Saint Louis Hospital
Paris, France.
Clinical tolerance test on 50 adult volunteers.
All positive results.

Center of BioCosmetique
06560 Sophia Antipolis, France
Independent study.
All positive results.

6900 LUGANO – Switzerland
On going use with patients for more than 15 years.
All positive results.

Docteur Patrick Roger, M.D.
09120 Varilshes, France.
Research on scars & healing.
All positive results.
Healing time of open ulcers reduced by two thirds.

Food and Drug Administration
Department of Health & Human Services
Rockville, MD 20857
LCD # 58687 04/05/91


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