Developed by medical researchers in a major European University Research Center, KappaElastin™ is a real anti-aging molecule with in-depth action allowing our skin to rebuild its natural elastic tissue, and regain a much more youthful appearance.

KappaElastin™ was developped by a group of medical researchers at the Connective Tissue Biochemistry Laboratory of Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris. The group was mainly working on aspects of arteriosclerosis and how to prevent it.

KappaElastin™ is already well known to the medical profession and dermatologists in Europe.

Vivaligne is the only European dermo-cosmetic laboratory offering an entire Integral Skin Care Program based entirely on the beneficial and unique properties of KappaElastin™ Bio-Peptides.

Vivaligne KappaElastin™ Bio-Peptides are under international patents protection and were registered with the Food and Drug Administration in the USA in 1991.

As we we age, we stop producing elastin for our skin. The skin starts sagging, allowing lines, folds and wrinkles to start appearing.

This is the reason why Elastin is of the utmost importance in dermo-cosmetology as it can compensate for the loss of elastic matter in the derm.

In order to regenerate and replenish the level of elastin in our the skin, it is essential to apply much smaller fragments of soluble elastin.

It is also essential to respect its molecular structure and the cross linking which connects the peptidic fibers in order to preserve its elastic properties. A group of medical researchers at the European CNRS found the way to do so and developed KappaElastin™

Only KappaElastin™ regenerates our skin elastin and start recovering and maintaining its younger, original elasticity.

There are three types of “elastin” available on the market:

  1. “Hydrolysed Elastin” penetrates the dermis but had lost all its elasticity as its “rubber” molecular cross-links were first destroyed in the hydrolysation process.
  2. “Native Elastin” has too large a molecule and cannot penetrate the skin. It just sits on the skin surface. Useless.
  3. Only KappaElastin™ behaves like natural Elastin and restores our skin natural elasticity, hydration and tonicity.